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How much do your customers know about AC servicing?

Do your HVAC customers know how important it is to service their AC units regularly? If not, they should.

A customer who is knowledgeable about their home air conditioning setup is more likely to stay up-to-date on the health of their unit by being mindful and proactive about its servicing. This keeps your business in the back of their minds for regular service while also resulting in less expensive repairs for them in the long-term. It's a win-win!

Here are a few talking points to help you educate your customers in the wisdom of regular servicing.

Proper servicing times

It is incredibly important for your customers to know how and when to schedule HVAC servicing for two main reasons.

First, it keeps customers happy. Educating your clientele on the importance of servicing AC units in the spring before the summer rush allows for them to ensure a cool, comfortable summer while also avoiding any potential catastrophic hiccups within their system. This is also a great opportunity to educate them about any potential off-season deals your company may offer.

Secondly, the other side of that same coin, it avoids angry customers. Losing air conditioning in a home during the hot summer months is no fun — and neither is a customer who can’t understand why your business is booked up during peak season and can’t service their unit just when they need it. Educating them on the importance of preventative maintenance will keep these problems to a minimum.

Energy efficiency means lower bills

From gas to groceries, everything seems to be getting more expensive nowadays. Make sure your customers know an efficient air conditioning unit doesn’t just mean comfortability, but also a lower energy bill.

Explain to them regular servicing is key to keeping a unit running as efficiently as possible, while also educating them on just how much electricity their HVAC system uses in a given year. This can shift their mindset from thinking of their AC unit as almost an afterthought, to an appliance that directly impacts their wallet. Doing so keeps your clients cool and happy, while also keeping their bills manageable even in the summer heat.

Servicing regularly can save money and headaches

In addition to stressing the importance of knowing proper servicing times and how efficient AC units can mean lower monthly bills for your customers, making sure they understand why the unit needs servicing can help reinforce just how important having a well-maintained HVAC unit is for a home.

Educate them on how limited or no use of an air conditioning unit in the winter months can cause the system to collect dust, debris and other contaminants. Really paint the picture of how that can negatively affect the unit, and how much strain it can cause the system — potentially leading to disastrous problems and expensive repairs depending on the age of the HVAC system.

If your customers know the "why" behind the importance of AC servicing, they will hold it in higher regard, be mindful of servicing the system, and keep your business in their thoughts throughout the year.

Keep an eye on outdoor AC units

It is also a smart idea to talk with customers about keeping an eye on outdoor air conditioning units from time to time. These can easily become clogged with pollen, cotton and other debris throughout the year, pests can be attracted to the unit (keeping the area free of vegetation is a great start to repelling them) and your customers will appreciate learning techniques that can save them money and avoid any catastrophic failures.

And if your customers are in the market for a new AC unit, we have everything you need for a successful installation at Goodin. Give us a call today.

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